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hair dryer & straightener

  Automatic Cordless Hair Curler Cordless Rotating USB Rechargeable Curling Iron Adjustable Temperature Display Timing Hair Curler is a great tool for achieving perfect wavy hair styles quickly and easily. This flat iron features the innovative auto technology that automatically curls the hair inside the device for an even and perfect curl. Specifications: Product name: cordless hair curler. Classification: hair dryer and straightener. Advantages : This iron has a display that shows the current temperature, allowing you to set the right temperature according to your hair type and personal preferences. In addition, an adjustable timing function is added to ensure that you get perfect, even curls every time. This rechargeable cordless curling iron is an effective solution for creating gorgeous curls without much effort. Get perfect, long-lasting curls with ease using this modern and sophisticated flat iron.    ..
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        Electric Electric hair removal, fluctuating eyebrow hair, hair lipstick, face, hair, haircut  ..
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                Features: * Small portable, ease of pregnancy. * USB charging, wireless design for comfort Use. * PTC heat element, up to the maximum extent The temperature is 2-3 minutes. * 3 steps from temperature settings, 165 ° C, 185 ° C, 205°C. * Stop automatic operation without operation after 40 minutes To protect the machine; * Merry temperature, automatically set to The last temperature used when running another the time; * 3D floating thermal plate and 3D tooth comb. * Power Bank function, energy saving in emergency situations Mobile phone charging. * Valve width; * Dry and wet use. Recommended temperatures for hair types: * 165 degrees Celsius was thin and soft. * 185 ° C for regular hair. * 205 degrees Celsius was rough, crucified and thick; Package: 1 * Hair straight 1 * USB charging cable 1 * Cabbag 1 * User Directory (English)      ..
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  Professional Hair Straightener Ceramic Flat Iron 2 in 1 Cordless Hair Straightener Hair Styler Cordless rechargeable curling iron is a great tool to achieve the perfect hairstyle and look with ease. In addition, this cordless flat iron is rechargeable, which makes it easy to use and convenient to carry while Mobility. You can use it anywhere you want without the need to connect to electricity   Specifications: Product name: Professional hair straightener. Classification: hair dryer and straightener. Advantages : This flat iron features ceramic flat technology, which provides an even distribution of heat to the hair, which helps in avoiding any breakage or damage to your hair. Thanks to its flat design, it can be used to straighten or curl hair in an easy and smooth manner. Available in a 2-in-1 option, this straightener can be used to style or curl hair with ease thanks to the advanced technologies available. If you are looking to achieve beautiful curls or want to straighten your hair smoothly, this professional flat iron is the ideal choice for you.  ..
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  The hair brush is a unique and innovative product in the world of hair care. This brush features a one-switch airbag, which makes massaging hair completely effortless and convenient. Specifications: Product name: hair brush. Classification: hair dryer and straightener. Advantages : You can control the air force used in the brush according to your personal preferences, as you can adjust it to meet your needs and improve your experience. In addition, the brush comes with a self-cleaning function, which means that it can be cleaned easily with just one click.  This practical feature helps keep the brush clean quickly and effectively. This hair brush is an ideal choice for those who are looking for an excellent care for their hair. It's not just a brush, it's a multi-functional tool that combines massage, detangling, and self-cleaning in one product...
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